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  • I am not totally sure about Start() but you can configure the Script Execution Order of Awake, OnEnable and Update. Go to menu Edit / Project Settings and set your preferences like described in the manual section. So you might want to investigate further if Start is affected too - I believe it is as it is kind of related to Update In general I would recommend to use this feature carefully. If you run nto the situation of having too many scripts in this list, this indicates some design issues.

  • The OP did not mentioned that Single is a prefab. But I assume this is the reason as it is the only explanation that makes sense +1

  • @Programmer I voted to reopen this question as there is definitely no call to Destroy. See the comment from Ashton and my answer below. I agree that most questions of this type are kind of trivial beginners' mistakes but this one seems to be different and quite interesting of course

  • The error indicates that there is an object Pillar1 already and so we assume it is one of the subsequent calls to PlatformCreate. The call to Instantiate includes all children. Thus you clone Single to Pillar1 and reparent the new game object to Single. In the next call both of them are cloned. So Pillar2 will be Single and Pillar1 Although I don't see why this should not work, I suspect an internal error. Are you sure this is what you want (maybe you just wanted to specify the position and forgot the rotation (s. Instantiate)? If it is what you wanted...

  • See my updated answer

  • I just tried it out with a test repository. As soon as I rename my existing .gitgnore to Unity.gitignore it stops working. This was under Mac OS but I expect the same behaviour under Windows too.

  • Maybe this is to be avoid overwriting an existing .gitignore writen by hand - just an assumption

  • I have never used a .gitignore which is named Unity.gitignore. Maybe I am wrong but I think the file name has to be .gitignore literally i.e. without any suffix. [Edit]: You can check git's ignore rules by the following command: git check-ignore -v MY_FILE_NAME Another point to check is the .gitignore_global file, although I don't think this solves your problem. Last not least Unix vs. Windows: Do you have the appropriate line endings, especially when working under Windows? You can have a look at one of my Unity projects at GutHub for example https://github.com/kayy/BundleVersionChecker. This definitely works

  • I found an interesting blog at unity3d.com 10000 Update() calls. From my understanding it does not matter if it is Update or any other method. Anyway I totally agree that all these OnDoSomething methods are spread over the project and tend to introduce side effects or performance issues

  • I prefer neither of them but use the 'new' (since 4.6) Unity Event system when possible. In short you have to implement the appropriate handler interface like IPointerClickHandler. I recommend to have a look at the Events tutorials, for example UI Events and Event Triggers. Note that although this tutorial is focussed on 2D, you can use the event system in 3D as well. You just need to add a Raycaster to your camera.

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