Blender Mac OS X Enable Mouse Zoom in UV Image Editor

Blender Mac OS X Enable Mouse Zoom in UV Image Editor

Just a short note on how to enable zooming in and out with your Apple magic mouse in Blender 2.6.7. After I updated to the newest version mouse scrolling in UV editor results in Pan View, definitely not what I prefer. Maybe this is because I defined Ctrl + mouse wheel system wide for zooming the screen.

Enable Zooming in UV Editor

Go to File / User Preferences… and select the tab Input. Expand Image / Image (Global).So you should stay here:


Now first look within the Image (Global) section for View Pan entries. One of them is defined as Mouse and Mouse/Trackpad Pan. Uncheck this one.

Then similarly look for the View Zoom definitions and find the one Mouse and Ctrl Mouse/Trackpad Pan. Expand it and deselect Ctrl.

Done. You now should have:


If everything works as expected press Save User Settings provided that your working on your default startup file. If not load it with CMD+N and do it againg there.


Update: Enable Zooming in 3D view with Trackpad

Again the gestures introduced affect the old style zooming capabilities. Although it’s nice to zoom in and out in 3D view with smartphone like gestures, I find it far more efficient to use the old regular 2 finger up and down movement for zooming. To do so first ensure that Rotate View is done only when Alt key is pressed. Then change from Ctrl to Alt key on Zoom View:


Video Sequencer And Other 2D-Views

Repeat the steps for the global View2D section in order to get Timeline View, Video Sequence Editor and other plain 2D views prepared to use zoom instead of pan. Note that the behaviour is slightly different in that the scrolling direction is important. That means scrolling horizontally on your magic mouse will zoom horizontally only, and of course vertical scrolling means vertical zooming. A matter of taste but I like it.


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