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Setup Visual Studio 2017 with Xamarin in VMware Fusion

I downloaded Visual Studio 2017 for Windows to try out Xamarin forms for platform dependent development. I ran into a couple of errors and warnings. This is what helped me.

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Hit 10k Reputation at Stack Overflow (Moderator Tools)

I love this site  There are zillions of web sites where you can find useful questions & answers. From time to time I started to participate at some sites, but…

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Migrating A Unity 3 Project To Version 4

If you have to migrate a complex Unity 3.x project to version 4 there is more than the SetActive change. See the list of issues I have found and their…

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Animator Access Generator For Unity

This video gives a quick overview of Animator Access Generator, an open source C# code generator that makes handling of Animator states and parameters easier.

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Some selected work samples of projects we created or were involved into

RRRunner in the App Store
RRRunner in the App Store


RRRunner (App Store link) is a casual 3D platform game for iPhone. To play RRRunner you only need to use tilting and swivelling motions. That means there is no touch input at all during game play!

Tilting the iPhone to run to the right or left hand side is well known from other mobile games. In other games jumping or other actions is performed using touch input like swiping or pushing a virtual button. RRRunner is different. While tilting is used as well for changing the direction, several different jumping techniques are Read more

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