About Us

Maybe you wonder if our name SCIO is an abbreviation and what does it stand for. Well, it is not an abbreviation but stems from the latin word scire (=to know) and means “I know”.

The company’s history:

  • 2016 Business moved to new location Hockenheim, Baden Würtemberg, Germany
  • 2010 New department for inhouse product development
  • 2005 Change of corporate form to SCIO System-Consulting GmbH & Co. KG having SCIO Verwaltungs-GmbH as general partner
  • 2004 Foundation of SCIO Verwaltungs-GmbH
  • 2001 Martin Schmiedeskamp joins executive board
  • 1999 Foundation of SCIO System-Consulting GmbH as successor of Kay Bothfeld EDV-Beratung
  • 1995 Foundation of Kay Bothfeld EDV-Beratung (individual enterprise)

Administrative information can be found in Legal Info section.

More about the owners in Martin Schmiedeskamp and Kay Bothfeld

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