Some of our projects

This video gives a quick overview of Animator Access Generator, an open source C# code generator that makes handling of Animator states and parameters easier.
RRRunner in the App Store
RRRunner (App Store link) is a casual 3D platform game for iPhone. To play RRRunner you only need to use tilting and swivelling motions. That means there is no touch input at all during game play!
In part (1) and part (2) I discussed the concept and some implementation details for BundleVersionChecker a set of editor classes to provide access to Unity's PlayerSettings.bundleVersion (and bundleIdentifier) at runtime and an enhanced way of managing the history of versions to provide migration steps as necessary - at least since you have installed it. Now I show you how to use it in your project.
After wasting a lot of time when flipping Blender animations made for left side to the right and vice versa, I decided to write an add-on doing it automatically. Have you ever been annoyed about copy & paste X-flipped pose frame by frame? See the video tutorial below how to solve this problem in your project.

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