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Handle Cancelling Of Game Center Authentication With Prime31 Plugin

If your Game Center enabled app starts the very first time, you have to decide how to handle those situations when the user don’t want to connect to Game Center. A call to GameCenterBinding.authenticateLocalPlayer () triggers 3 login requests even if the user pressed Cancel. Here is my workaroung for this using a message box first.

Accessing Bundle Version in Unity iOS Runtime (3)

Accessing Bundle Version in Unity iOS Runtime (3)

In part (1) and part (2) I discussed the concept and some implementation details for BundleVersionChecker a set of editor classes to provide access to Unity’s PlayerSettings.bundleVersion (and bundleIdentifier) at runtime and an enhanced way of managing the history of versions to provide migration steps as necessary – at least since you have installed it. Now I show you how to use it in your project.