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Accessing Bundle Version in Unity iOS Runtime (1)

BundleVersionChecker is a set of Unity editor classes to get access to Unity’s PlayerSettings.bundleVersion and their history at runtime. This first article series in 3 parts describes the problem how it started (part 1). (Part 2) shows the concept of the more sophisticated version with tracking the history of bundle versions. The usage in (Part 3) is likely what most people are looking for.

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Battery Life vs. Performance in Core Motion

I just spent endless hours in the last few days to find a very annoying performance bug in my iOS Unity project. I observed a continuous performance decrease from minute to minute when running the game in loop mode for testing. After about 10-20 minutes it was no fun anymore to play. The strange thing is: The effect occurs especially when the device is lying still on the table. When I move the device, frame rate rises noticeably but decreases again when there is no movement.

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Version Control Setup for Unity3D iPhone Projects

There are a couple of resources out there describing how to set up basically Unity3D with Subversion. In this posting I describe the special situation when developing for iPhone i.e. which XCode specific files should be under version control, how to have different versions in parallel and how to get off cheaply on major Unity3D version updates.

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